This is the plans document for DERT - a data analysis and reporting tool.

DERT is currently far from complete, we do have a couple of ideas about where we're going..


DERT is currently based on MySQL, however almost all of the accesses to the DBMS are through a very thin backend layer which isolates DERT's implementation from the specifics of a DBMS implementation.

A backend is in place for MySQL, planned backends are PostgreSQL and DB2 (IBM's database, also known as UDB).

If someone cares, a generic SQL engine could be built to be able to access DBF and MDB files; libraries for accessing those files exist, but they don't offer an SQL interface.

User Interface

The user interface is built with LessTif and XbaeMatrix, OpenMotif can be used instead of LessTif.

Data Entry

Currently it is possible to enter data into individual tables through a very simple interface.

The idea is to allow for creation of forms which allow you to design the user interface of the window in which data is to be entered.

It will be possible to run DERT in such a way that you don't see the design tool, but only the data entry window. This may also become a separate executable program.


Currently DERT just allows you to display the full contents of a table in a window.

The plan is to create a full report writer. As with the data entry, this will probably be runnable without user intervention ('in batch' for mainframe lovers, or from cron or CGI scripts).

Output formats will probably include PostScript and HTML.