Building a distribution

DERT is created with GNU autoconf and GNU automake .

This means that a DERT distribution contains a configure script. To build DERT, unpack the distribution, then run configure - this will create a set of Makefiles which control the build, finally run make :

	zcat dert-0.002.tar.gz | tar xfv -
	cd dert-0.002
After the build, DERT should be ready for installation, with the command
	make install

Software Requirements

DERT requires the following software in order to get built :

Building a snapshot from CVS

If you can't wait for an official distribution, then you can grab the current version of DERT as it is in the CVS repository. Read SourceForge's instructions on use of CVS to figure out how to do this.

The CVS doesn't contain all that's in a real distribution. Specifically, all the stuff that's generated by automake and autoconf is not in CVS, this means you'll have to generate it.

Additional requirements in order to do this :

Most of these tools are part of standard Linux and *BSD distributions; If you're using another operating system, then you may want to grab these tools from