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DERT is a Data Entry and Reporting Tool

DERT is meant to be a flexible tool to create databases, enter data in them, and write and run reports based on these databases. Examples of commercial tools with similar goals include the Dbase family and Microsoft Access.

DERT is free software : it is covered by the GNU Library General Public License.

Other documents on this web site :

DERT is available from http://sourceforge.net/projects/dert.

DERT doesn't aim to replicate existing technologies. Existing libraries to read and write databases (or database files) will be used. Initial idea is to use the following backends :

As I am one of the LessTif core developers, you'll understand that I use LessTif for creating the user interface. Shameless plug : LessTif is that Widget Set which was around a couple of years before Gtk even existed. It's also that widget set with an industry standard API. http://www.lesstif.org.

Mailing lists : there are a couple of mailing lists about dert.

Subscribe to them by using the page at http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=11891 . You can send a message to the mailing lists at e.g. dert-discuss@lists.sourceforge.net

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